11 tips for a healthy weight

Lately, obesity has become a great issue among people all over the world, particularly those belonging to western societies. Statistics say that in 2007 24% of the adults in the UK were ‘declared’ obese and 37% had a larger waist. In America, the number of obese people can reach, at any time, two thirds of the population.

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In case you care about your weight and you want to understand how things work, the following explanations should give you a clue about the reasons why people put on weight.

  1. Don’t starve yourself and then feast in the weekend!

There are people who stick to an eating plan during the week and feast in the weekend. It may seem extreme, but by doing so, all the calories lost during the week, will be restored within 2-3 days. In other words, you should try to eat with regularity and keep a ‘monotony’ in order to stay slim.

  1. Keep in the wardrobe only ‘slim’ clothes

People who have fluctuating waistlines generally have in their wardrobe two types of clothes: ‘thin’ and ‘fat’. This kind of people are more predisposed to putting on some weight after they have kept a diet, as they are satisfied with the idea that they have what to wear. On the other hand, if you donate the ‘fat’ clothes to a charity shop, you will stick to your healthy eating habits, knowing that if you get fat, you have nothing to wear.

  1. Eat at the table

When you eat, you should always sit at the table. Eating in front of the computer or TV provokes dependence and you start to snack.

  1. Avoid buying food in bulk

Usually, when we buy foods in bulk we also tend to consume them accordingly. So try to avoid doing that.

  1. Eat as much as you need, not more

Eating everything from the plate is a habit that we are very familiar with. However, you should stop eating the moment you feel full, just like children and babies, who say ‘no’ when they are full. The more you eat, the more damped is the filling sensation. Take the examples of the Japanese, who eat only until they are 80% full.

  1. Skip dessert

You should know that if you are full, dessert is not a very good idea. Leave the brain think and give signals of filling to your stomach and serve the cake later, when you will completely enjoy it.

  1. Aging implies difficulty in losing weight

Due to the fact that with age we start to lose muscle mass, the fat-burn process becomes slower. After you have kept a diet and you return to your normal habits, you only put on fats, because the muscles you have lost are very difficult to regain.

  1. Change the meal portions

Try to change the quantity of food eaten at breakfast and dinner. In other words, have rich breakfast and lunch, but a very light dinner.

  1. Eat yogurt and cheese

Danish researchers have proven that consuming dairy products rich in calcium stimulate weight loss. Accordingly, calcium prevents fat to be absorbed by the intestines, but eliminated from the body. In this sense, a study is being developed in Australia, in order to establish whether supplements actually help in losing weight or not.

  1. Think about ‘thin’ nationalities

It is recommended to have dinner in town while you are on a diet and when you choose the place, always take into consideration a predominantly thin nationality. Usually, they are Chinese, Thai or Japanese.

  1. Having some extra pounds adds years to your life

A recent study says that a very slim person is predisposed to low life expectancies, whereas fewer overweight people tend to live longer.


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