12 steps to prevent gaining weight during holidays

Holidays are those moments of the year when all members of the family meet and celebrate a certain event. You should not cancel these meetings just because you are afraid of putting on some weight, but live the day and forget about worries and stress. You can enjoy all these, plus food, by simply following these steps, which will help you maintain a balanced weight.

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  1. Enjoy a healthy breakfast. It is said breakfast is the main course of the day. Skipping it could lead to snacking right before lunch, which is an unhealthy and addictive habit.
  2. Have 5 meals, but reduced portions. Try to balance your metabolism by eating g more often, in order to have the sensation of a full stomach.
  3. Have all your meals. Never commit the mistake of skipping one of the main meals, no matter what. You will produce an imbalance in your system and turn your metabolism upside down.
  4. Do sport. A little movement can be very beneficial. You don’t need to do professional exercises; walking, swimming or dancing can improve your metabolism.
  5. Have a fruit or vegetable before every main meal. By doing so, you will partly cut your appetite, so that you eat only to feel full.
  6. Don’t renounce at your favorite foods. The important aspect here, is that you can eat anything you like, as long as it is in small quantities.
  7. Eat only when you are hungry. Usually, when you attend a ceremony, it may happen to eat without being hungry. It is not recommended. However, if you cannot refuse, you should choose the healthiest foods on the tray.
  8. Avoid alcohol. Because it is rich in calories, alcohol can destroy all the effort you’ve been putting the last period.
  9. Hydrate your body with water or tea. Apart from hydrating and cleaning your system, water also gives you the sensation of satiety.
  10. Always select your foods. Never combine mashed potatoes with yams or bread. Avoid to eat the chicken skin as it is rich in fats. In this way you avoid unnecessary calories.
  11. Have your last meal two hours before bed time. With the night, your metabolism slows down which makes it impossible to burn the calories that you consume right before going to bed.
  12. When your body reaches the optimum rest, it will function properly.

In other words, you can have a great time with your family and/or friends, but at the same time forget about extra pounds and tress. Just make the right choices and you will be pleased.


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