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On the HolfordWebside, there is an invitation to fill in an on-line questionnaire regarding how healthy your diet is. It became very popular since it has appeared and thousands of people have completed it. Statistics show that 6% of the respondents are perfectly healthy, 50 % are in moderate health and 44 % are rather unhealthy.  Patrick Holford, who wrote 10 tips for a 100% healthy life, studied in depth the 6 %, highlighting their lifestyle and beliefs, establishing 10 secrets that lead you to a ‘perfect’ condition.

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According to him, the person in average health is stressed, impatient, tired, has poor immunity and sleep issues. These may lead to menopause and PMS. He continues by saying that if you follow his 10 steps to 100% health you will avoid these symptoms and prevent other diseases such as Alzheimer, cancer or diabetes, which, unfortunately, are believed to be inherited from your parents, when it actually depends on your lifestyle.

He gives the example of cancer and says that in the United Kingdom 1 in 9 people develop cancer, either women or men, whereas in China only 1 in 5000 women develop breast cancer and 1 in 59.000 men develop prostate cancer. The difference is the lifestyle. If the Chinese were to eat like in the UK, they will get these diseases too.

When we think about losing weight, we always think about what to avoid eating, in order to prevent illness. Holford’s book, is divided in two parts. The first part presents us the eating habits of healthy people and the type of supplements that they take. Moreover, in this part, there are some questionnaires that can be interpreted in part 2, where you are also presented some ways to improve your choices, in case that your scores are low. This part focuses on:

  • Advice that focus on fitness
  • The importance of essential fats;
  • How to stay hydrated;
  • Foods that make you look younger or older;
  • Ways of identifying foods you can tolerate;
  • The role of blood sugar balance in energy slumps or fatigue.

But Holford focuses on another serious problem in one’s life and it has nothing to do with food or illness. He discovered that people with good health are also healthy from an emotional point of view. They have beautiful relations, they are aware of the reality and of the importance of living in the present or in the future.

In conclusion, the book above mentioned does not provide you a particular diet if you want to lose weight. It only gives you some advice in order for you to improve your health, not only of your body, but also of your emotions.

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