Eating advice directly from Japan

Research that focused the attention on why some people live longer and healthier has lead specialists in Okinawa, a Japanese island where people use to have a very long life, being very popular because of this. Accordingly, their longevity depends strictly on diet and mindset.

Unlike the rest of the world, Japanese always eat only until they are 80% full. We, generally eat everything from the plate, transmitting this idea to our future generations.

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They think that eating starts in the mind. Even if you usually cook for 2 people, you can still leave some food for the second day. Moreover, you should replace eating from the saucepan with consuming your meals from the plate quite slow, so that your brain can communicate with your body. By doing so, you will know when you are about to be full and you will be able to decide whether you stop or continue.

In her book Why Japanese Women don’t get Old and Fat, Naomi Noriyama illustrates how Japanese people age and how it comes that they are always slim. In doing so, she reveals the secret of the Japanese kitchen and we discover that, apart from the well-known rice, they also consume wheat and a lot of fruits, vegetables and unprocessed food, avoiding “empty” foods.

She brings as arguments her mother’s recipes, highlighting the importance of this aspect for the Japanese.

Unfortunately, the idea of a long life contradicts the Atkin diet, which says that rice is a dangerous food as it is rich in cholesterol. For this matter, Naomi, presents the differences between white and brown rice. She also explains the wrong opinions regarding cruciferous vegetables, humble eggs and seaweed soup. In addition, she underlines that we are manipulated to eat cooked things, without introducing in our diet raw fish, for instance.


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