How the cold remedies help your entire system

People usually tend to incline towards heat and warmth – sauna, Jacuzzi or central heating. Oppositely, people in Western societies know how to enjoy the benefits of cold temperatures. For instance a jump into the cold pool is refreshing, oxygenating and revives your body.

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LaStone therapy

This procedure uses heat – hot stones at 50°C and cold – cool marble stones kept in the fridge before the treatment. All you have to do is to alternate the two temperatures and your body will be relaxed, rejuvenated and your blood will restore your skin its glow. In other words, your body will be toxin-free.

Home made remedy

You can try the simplest cold remedy at home – the cold shower.

First of all, you need to wash your body with hot water and immediately after, take a cold shower. You should start the bath from your legs, going easily towards the upper part of your body, in order to get strength and be able to endure the cold.

You will have to repeat the hot-cold alternation for a couple of times, in order to have positive results. However, do not use too much water, as it may harm your body as well.

If you are not convinced, you can deep your limbs in buckets with ice/cold water. This procedure will prevent injuries and swelling, but it will make you feel very good. And this is what matters!


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