How to deal with hair loss

These days, hair loss has become a very common issue not only for men, but also for women. Hair loss is normal as long as it sticks to the hair growth cycles. When other factors such as illnesses, pollution, medication or chemicals interfere, then it is a matter of worry.

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Generally a person loses between 50 and 150 hair strands every day, therefore you should panic only when you see an exaggerated quantity of hair in the sink. In this case, the best solution is to visit a specialist, he/she will run some tests to see if it is caused by hypothyroidism, auto-immune deficiency, alopecia or psoriasis.

In addition, external agents such as stress, sudden weight loss, chemical based products can also lead to hair loss. Using certain styling tools that imply heat use, such as hair dryer, curling iron or straight iron or even combing and styling your hair while wet, can deteriorate and break it away from the scalp.

Sometimes, unfortunately, hair lost is a permanent matter which cannot be cured with anything. It is the case of women who experience cancer and chemotherapy.

When you use chemical products on your hair and you damage it, it may be enough to simply stop using those particular products. This procedure depends a lot on how serious was the hair affected.

In case you suddenly lose weight and your hair starts to fall, you should know that it is time for a diet change. Focus on foods rich in proteins (chicken, eggs, fish), vitamins (fruits, vegetables) and avoid as much as possible foods rich in fatty acids or sugars. You can also opt for vitamin supplements.

In case of pattern baldness, people can use surgery – ‘scalp reduction’ – a technique through which the balding scalp in made tighter and closer to the areas with hair. The price of such a surgery is somewhere between $2000 and $6000. Hair transplant is another effective, but very expensive intervention.

Of course, not everybody affords to have a hair transplant done. In this case the best solutions are wigs, extensions, hats or turbans, which can very well hide your hair conditions.

Wigs give women the opportunity to have their hair as they have always dreamt. Although, there are also synthetic wigs, we recommend you the ones made of natural hair. They are good looking and not that expensive.

Extensions and hairpieces complete the hair length or density in certain areas of the scalp. Similar to wigs, they have different colors, sizes, length and shape which is the main factor responsible for the price variety.

Perhaps the cheapest solution are turbans, hats or bandanas, which can be bought in every store.


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