How to fight wrinkles

These days facial tape is starting to be more and more popular for its effects over jowls, wrinkles or double chin. But a serious issue comes up as women don’t even know what actually leads to wrinkle formation. The answer is very simple: time. While young, the skin has a lot of elasticity and collagen, which allows it to be extended quite a lot. Over time, this elasticity is slowly lost, determining women to sag and wrinkle.

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Taping is a method that combats this factor and gives the skin a natural look. The spas use the following method: the jaw line is pulled backwards and outwards in the ear direction or the eyelid is pulled towards the brow. Both areas are taped, repeating the process during several weeks until a positive effect is achieved. Once started, you need to continue with these treatments, otherwise your skin will turn to its initial condition. However, the high cost may determine you to quit.

Anyway, you can use a taping treatment back at home. You only need to place an anchor towards the back of your head and tape the sagging skin with a facial tape. You should repeat the treatment daily for effective results. After a certain period of time, your face will be smoother, and younger. But in order to maintain your skin this way, you need to continue the treatment, otherwise your skin will begin to sag again.

Both solutions have positive results. The only major difference is of price, as the spa treatments may be very expensive for you. Whatever choice you make, you won’t be disappointed.


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