How to wash your hair correctly

Shampooing your hair is a necessary step in cleaning it. Therefore, it is very important to know when and how you wash your hair. Over-shampooing is thought to be dangerous due to the high level of sulfates and phosphates these products contain. Even if most of women think that if a shampoo produces a lot of lather then it is very good, this is not always the conclusion. Nowadays, more and more producers try to focus on natural ingredients and remove the chemicals.

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Shampooing frequency

Women with oily hair need to wash it almost daily. But by using a cheap shampoo, they will deteriorate the hair and stealing its nutrients, oils and its shine. In other words, you can wash your hair daily, as long as you choose the right shampoo. In case your hair is extremely dry and permed, you should cut it every three weeks, in order to let it breathe.

Hair condition

With each season your hair changes, therefore, a different care is needed. In spring and autumn your hair may need less care, whether in winter or summer the care must be special, in order to protect it from extremely low or high temperatures.

How to shampoo

For a beautiful hair you have to shampoo correctly. You need to use the right quantity of water and the right shampoo. If the water is too hot you can stimulate oil production, if it’s too little, it can make the hair break. Damp your hair before applying a correct quantity of shampoo, enough to be able to rinse easily afterwards. Then, rinse it very well so that you remove all shampoo traces from the scalp and hair

How to condition

Even if the specialists’ opinions regarding how often to apply the conditioner are different, we recommend you to apply the solution at the ends and spread it towards the roots, in this way it will work upwards and action where needed the most.

What to buy

Try to buy as many natural products as you can. Avoid products rich in sulfates and phosphates as they only damage your hair. Don’t change the brand! Use the same brand for both the shampoo and the conditioner. They are made to go together, so that your hair shine again. If you are confused, consult a specialist. He will guide you to choose what suits you most.


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