The right exercises for the perfect tights and bums

There are people who, no matter how many exercises they do and how much time they work out, their tights and bums are not close to perfection at all. Well, the main reason is that they don’t perform the right exercises. When you do physical exercises, you need to combine all sorts of movements that will focus on many parts of your body.

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You can opt for lunges and squats or you can choose from the many types you have. But for us to better understand how it works, you need to understand your body.

The hips have a very special structure which produces the “planes of movement”: back and forward, side to side or inward and outward motions that are performed by the joint. These motions take place due to the position of the femoral head, which fits like a glove in the pelvis.

Generally, most people who do lunge exercises in the gym only do up and down motions, working only one part of the three plains of movement that the hips perform. Therefore, you must focus on all categories by doing different exercises.

You can simply opt for a diagonal inside and outside movement in order to realize an external rotation, using more muscles than a simple forward motion.

Another type of exercise that you can opt for are the squats which imply the movement of your feet in different ways. You can make a combination of normal squats and a squat which straightens your foot forward, pointing the toes out. Even if they are both squats, the focus will be put on different parts of the hips and tights.

Moreover, people who usually do up and down exercises should know that they only work out their legs, but not their upper part of the body. In this sense, they should try and introduce other types of exercises that also focus on their arms and core as well.

In conclusion, it is very important to try and work your entire body, not just your legs. By using the appropriate equipment – cables, dumbbells or balls – and a combination of movements you will manage to considerably improve the quality of your muscles and joints.

But knowing all these things is not enough. You should take a look at your own program and also consult a specialist who will be able to advise you what type of exercises to follow in order to have the ideal legs and hips.


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