Slimming pills – a good alternative for weight loss

Loosing weight is a very challenging idea that implies a total change in your daily routine and feeding. Slimming pills are a very comforting idea, that promise you to solve for you what is so difficult for you to do.

Fat- binding pills

These pills, bind to the fat in your food, eliminating it from your body. When you take them you need to eat low fat and low sugar foods. They contain Oristal, which leads to diarrhea if you’ve consumed fats in excess and Chitosan, which reduces the fat absorption from the foods.

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Their disadvantage is that they don’t recognize the good fats from the bad ones, producing a great imbalance in your body system. Therefore, in order to have long term results, you need to change your diet. Generally, these pills need to be consumed for a certain period of time and then take a break. But once you stop taking them, you risk to put on weight again.

Bulking pills

This kind of pills gives you the impression that your stomach is full, so they must be taken before every meal. They are rich in a substance that absorbs water, making you sometimes bloat and swell. In other words you need to drink a lot of water.

Vitamin supplements

Normally, when you change your diet and renounce at certain foods, vitamin supplements come to help you and nourish the system with ingredients it cannot take from anywhere else.

Chromium is a substance that stimulates insulin to function better and lowers the sugar in your blood. You can take it from brewer’s yeast, liver or wheat germs. Consumed with regularity, it helps you lose weight and prevents your brain from thinking that it is hungry.

Vitamin C is meant to reduce the fat absorption and helps to lose weight. We recommend you to consume foods rich in fibers and vitamin C.

Calcium prevents the body from producing fats. You can get it by consuming dairy products or by taking supplements, if you want to burn the fats.

HCA, a substance extracted from tamarind, reduces the fat production and makes the brain believe that your stomach is full.

CLA is extracted from safflower oil and stimulates the muscles to burn the fats. Moreover, it has a direct action on the lipoprotein lipase, the one that deposits the fats in your system.

In conclusion, these pills, no matter the type, can be very effective for your body and help you lose weight. However, you need to change your daily diet if you want your slim body for longer.


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