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The connection between your waist and your health

Due to so many programs that give you advice regarding the perfect shape, people have become very interested into this matter. The term BMI (Body Mass Index) is often used to indicate the optimum weight in relation with your height. To obtain this index you need to follow two simple …

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12 steps to prevent gaining weight during holidays

Holidays are those moments of the year when all members of the family meet and celebrate a certain event. You should not cancel these meetings just because you are afraid of putting on some weight, but live the day and forget about worries and stress. You can enjoy all these, …

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Advice for a 100% healthy life

On the HolfordWebside, there is an invitation to fill in an on-line questionnaire regarding how healthy your diet is. It became very popular since it has appeared and thousands of people have completed it. Statistics show that 6% of the respondents are perfectly healthy, 50 % are in moderate health …

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