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How to deal with hair loss

These days, hair loss has become a very common issue not only for men, but also for women. Hair loss is normal as long as it sticks to the hair growth cycles. When other factors such as illnesses, pollution, medication or chemicals interfere, then it is a matter of worry.

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How to combat stress

Stress is a phenomenon that affects every individual at a certain point. It can come up when you rather expect and spoil your moments of joy and happiness. What is worse is that it is transmitted from the brain to your body. Your heart will beat faster, the breathing will …

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Advice for a 100% healthy life

On the HolfordWebside, there is an invitation to fill in an on-line questionnaire regarding how healthy your diet is. It became very popular since it has appeared and thousands of people have completed it. Statistics show that 6% of the respondents are perfectly healthy, 50 % are in moderate health …

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