What do people wonder about hair care

Is it possible to color your hair blonde for a day?

You can only make your hair darker, but if you want a lighter color, then you must use a bleaching solution, which is permanent and cannot be removed. However, if you really need to change the color, you can opt for theatrical sprays, which cover the former color and can be easily removed with water.

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Is there any difference between hair care products for man and women?

There is no difference in a product’s composition. The only different thing is the fragrance.

Which is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent color?

Semi-permanent color does not damage the hair because after 4-6 week it fades until they reach the initial shade. The disadvantage is that it does not cover grey hair and it only available in darker shades. Permanent colors, on the other hand, change the color of your hair and they can only be removed with hair growth. They can color your hair in any shade and they cover grey strands as well.

Are perms harmful for your hair?

Yes. But it is a damage made on purpose. By following this procedure, your hair is curlier, with more volume. You can reduce the damage by using intensive hair conditioners.

I have hair loss in one particular spot of my head. What to do?

In this case you should consult a specialist. Usually, this condition is called alopecia areata, of which little is known so far, but some doctors think that stress can be a stimulating factor. However, there is nothing you should worry about; it is temporary.

I want my straight hair back. Is it possible to make this change?

You can try to apply some “hot oil” on your curls. If you don’t get the wanted results, you can apply another perm. The curl in not completely removed, but it is reduces. When you buy a perm, make sure you buy a suitable one and that you follow the instructions. Do not apply a conditioner immediately, wait for about 2 weeks. You will reduce the perm side effects and make your hair less dry and porous.

Be careful not to apply a chemical straightener on your perm because they can melt your hair, due to a possible lye content.

When can I change my shampoo brand?

If you use professional products, there is no need for changing them. However, there are some factors that indicate you that it is time to make a change. Water conditions can affect the way in which a shampoo reacts. If you travel often you have to adapt the products to the weather and climate, if you changed your drugs recently you need to make a change. Moreover, if you notice that after several applications your hair is heavy and coated, you should now that you must change the shampoo.

How can I prevent my hair from becoming green when I go to the swimming pool?

Use hair care products specially designed for this purpose. Ask your hairdresser for advice. If your hair is very porous, he might use a color strip chemical treatment.

You can prevent this situation by keeping your hair out of the pool or by wetting your hair and applying a good conditioner before you jump in the pool.

Is mayonnaise a good conditioner?

No. Because it contains vegetable oils, eggs, lemon juice or vinegar, ingredients that tangle your hair, causing knots and matting.

How can I prevent hair loss?

You should definitely consult a specialist. Men usually lose their hair over time, condition called male pattern baldness. This cannot be stopped, but you can slow it down. Generally, bald people have a shiny scalp due to the sebum deposited in large quantities, which pushed the hair follicles out. Your hairdresser should give you a shampoo rich in sebum emulsifiers. You can also stimulate circulation by massaging the scalp with a natural bristle brush.

I have dry hair, which become too heavy when I apply hair conditioner. What should I do?

You can use a voluminizing conditioner, a mousse or a lift in order to give volume to your short hair. For a weighted down hair you should use a lighter conditioner such as a bodifying conditioner or a spray leave-in. And don’t use the conditioner daily; once a week should be enough.

How do I turn my dark hair grey or mink white?

We recommend you to go to the hairdresser as this procedure is very complex and damaging.

If you want to bleach it at home do as follows. First, bleach your hair twice in order to obtain a pale yellow. Between the bleaching dry well your hair. Second, stop bleaching and apply a toner until you achieve a platinum shade.

Is there any way to relax my hair from sticking straight up when is short?

You cannot change the direction of hair growth. You can only use a strong gel and leave your hair grow longer on the ’cowlick’ area.

People say that once you’ve bleached your hair, it will not have the initial color when it grows. Is it true?


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